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Hashtags That Tell People You’re from Hawaiʻi

Seeing any one of these hashtags could signal that the person using it is from Hawaiʻi

Because itʻs happening in Hawaiʻi


There’s a reason why you do what you do


There’s a reason why you took that picture with your 40 cousins.


There’s a reason why you went to Hilo in the springtime


That picture of the white dude standing in a hole in the road created by an earthquake


Doing whatever youʻre doing


Cruising at the old haunted hospital


That picture of duct tape holding your slippers together.


Aunty with the whole plumeria tree in her hair


Before and after picture of your Hawaiian plate or it could be a fish or Jason Momoa with his shirt off


This is how it is (like that)


That beautiful sunset picture


When you take video of your keiki throwing a tantrum or a picture of your teenager holding hands with the boyfriend/ girlfriend


Those are just some of the Hawaiʻi hashtags that we’ve seen over the years.  Are there any others? Comment below and make sure to follow us on social! 

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