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Great Eats at Waimea’s Moa Kitchen

Moa Kitchen

Cruising in Waimea, why not Moa Kitchen?

I had been trying to get into Moa Kitchen for several months, based on rave reviews from a foodie friend. I found myself driving through Waimea yesterday at lunch time and decided to give it a shot. After a brief wait, I was seated at the end of the long counter, with ample social distance between me and the next diners. 


This menu, though... Age Gyoza, it is!

As I looked over the menu I was paralyzed with indecision- everything, literally everything, sounded fantastic. I was worried that I was missing out by not choosing one of the ramen dishes, but I wanted to try some things that were even more unique. I started with the Age Gyoza (pork) because who doesn’t like a nice fried gyoza? They were so perfectly fried there was literally no trace of oil on the serving plate. They were delicious. 

Lava Flow Ahi Roll
Lava Flow Roll

Lava Flow Roll, get in my belly!

Next, I went with the Lava Flow roll: tempura shrimp with Shiso leaf, topped with ahi, avocado, spicy sauce and eel sauce. I just want to take a minute on this one. I’ve probably eaten hundreds upon hundreds of kinds of sushi rolls, and this roll makes it to my top 5. The crispy tempura with the herbaceous Shiso are a fantastic pairing by themselves, but with the addition of the clean ahi and creamy avocado and the two sauces, the taste was phenomenal. I liked this roll so much I ordered another one to take home for dinner!

Yakitori Chicken

Gourmet Yakitori Sampler? Oh yes!

I ended with the Gourmet Yakitori, which came with one skewer of asparagus and bacon, one skewer of pork belly, and one skewer of lamb. The smoke from the Binchotan charcoal was amazing. All of the wood flavor, none of the chemicals in regular briquettes. Each skewer was cooked just right, the bacon was crispy around the asparagus, the pork belly was tender and juicy, and the lamb was a beautiful medium rare.

Moa Kitchen Dining

Moa Kitchen is definitely a hana hou...
and soon!

I left thinking about when I could get back for another lunch to try some of the things I didn’t get to this time (although I’m pretty sure a Lava Flow will go home with me again). Lucky for me, a friend from Waikoloa wants to meet there in a couple of weeks. Lucky me!

Moa Kitchen is located in beautiful Waimea at 16-1298 Kawaihae Road- directly across from Longs Drugs Store.  Check out their social media profiles below!

Instagram: https://@moakitchenkamuela

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