Heading to Pahoa? A Trip to Pahoa Fresh Fish is a MUST

When heading to Kalapana to chill and watch honu playing in the waves, we love stopping at Pahoa Fresh Fish for their great fish and chip plates. The fish is always very fresh (hence the name), and they offer a nice selection each day. They usually have ahi, ono, mahi-mahi and salmon on the menu, along with shrimp and crab cakes. They do traditional fish and chips (waffle fries), fish sandwiches, and wraps. Their reputation is so good that many times they run out of fish before their closing time!

The combos at Pahoa Fresh Fish come with tartar, cocktail sauce (when you add shrimp), and coleslaw. As a picky coleslaw eater, I’m pretty judgmental about what I like and don’t like, and theirs definitely passes my test. On a recent rainy day, I ordered takeout to enjoy while waiting for Lex Brodie’s to replace a couple of tires (which inexplicably looked like I’d repeatedly driven over molten lava).

I ordered the ono and shrimp combo, with extra tartar sauce. The breading on the fish and shrimp is always crisp and never greasy, and the waffle fries are perfect vessels to get the maximum amount of tartar sauce in your mouth (that’s why you must get extra). The fish is cut thick, so the interior is just done without being dry. As I sat outside Lex Brodie’s, I could feel the eyes of other customers on me enjoying my tasty treat. Two of them actually got up and went to get their own orders- in the pouring rain- without umbrellas. Yes, it’s that good.


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